Is Software Testing a Good Career Option in India?

Today In this Story I’m going to share Is Software Testing a Good Career Option in India?

If you are reading this blog post that’s mean You have interested in the field of Software Testing but Still you are confused either to choose it as your career or leave it.

Is Software Testing a Good Career Option in India
Is Software Testing a Good Career Option in India

A software tester is an important part of the software development team and helps to create complex product solutions quickly.

He is responsible to maintain the manual or automated testing of products. You need a bachelor’s degree to start a career in the software testing space.

For software testers, there are generally fixed working hours and a flexible working schedule.

To start a career in the QA space, it is necessary to gain all essential skills and gain at least one certification to showcase your expertise to the world.

facts about Software Test Engineer
facts about Software Test Engineer

The Role of a Salesforce Tester

The role of a Salesforce tester is almost similar to a software engineer or a Salesforce developer who takes care of application development, bugs management, quality issues fixing, etc.

They are responsible to set up write and maintain testing environments from scratch.

Salesforce tester usually performs all types of testing like functional testing, performance testing, unit testing, integration testing, and much more.

Sometimes, they are required to work on applications and understand their functionalities for meaningful insights.

They should know how to use the functional map to create or execute the test cases.

Most of the Salesforce apps are designed over platform using Salesforce 1 app development framework.

So, the tester should have relevant experience on the platforms to test the apps effectively.

Also, they play an important role in Salesforce automation testing by using the selenium testing platform. From the growth prospects too, the Salesforce tester has plenty of job options too.

Average Salary of a Software Testing Engineer

The average salary of a software test engineer is around $85K per year and most salaries lie between $60K to $105K that may vary based on various factors like location, experience, skillset, etc.

Based on recent research, the job market is quite active for skilled QA professionals in India and the USA.

Software Tester Average annual salary
Software Tester Average annual salary

Moving ahead, let us see the salaries of software test engineers based on experience. And the graph clearly shows the positive trend as your experience goes higher.

A person at the enter-level usually earns $60K to $70K. With experience of 5–10 years, he will get up to$80K.

As the experience becomes higher, the salary becomes up to $92K with 10–20 years of experience and $100K plus for people having more than 20 years of experience in the testing industry.

So, what are you waiting for? It is just the right time to start your career as an expert software testing engineer.

Choose Croma Learning Campus and take your first step towards success right away!

Moving ahead, let us see what are the most common skills, you should acquire as a QA engineer.

Well, the list is really LONG and we have listed a few popular tabs that are vital to start your career in the QA field.

Most notably, Python, Selenium testing tools, and Linux are correlated to pay significantly above average respectively.

Skills that pay a little low as compared to the above-mentioned skills include Microsoft Word and Dotnet.

Engineers having good experience in Java tends to be well versed in Microsoft Word.

Other than technical skills, you must focus on non-technical skills as well as positive attitude, passion, time management skills, Organization skills, passion, hard-working, etc.

One most common skill requirement is Good communication either Oral or written that is considered important for all the domains.

Make sure that you have chosen the right career path when starting your career as a Fresher. Join the Croma Learning Campus and learn all technical and non-technical skills that are a must to start a career in the software testing space.

I strongly believe that you should make your hands dirty in other fields too other than manual testing like automation testing, test case development, or business analysis, etc.

Final Words:

Being a software tester, when you apply for permanent testing jobs, you should have the relevant skills and practical experience that will increase your overall chances of being selected by top Companies.

Further, certifications are also considered good, and certified software testers are given more priority as compared to others. You can pursue the certification of your choice.

To know more, you should join the QA certification course at the Croma Learning Campus and learn testing tools and more concepts in depth that are used in a job environment.

And it is pretty clear from the discussion that Software testing is just the right BET to start your career in the IT space with the right skills and the approach.

We wish you all the very best and our expert team at Croma Learning Campus will help you to gain attractive salary figures too based on your expertise and skillset.

I Hope this Story on Is Software Testing a Good Career Option in India helped you. If you still have any questions Let me know them in the comment section. I will reply as soon as possible me.



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